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The Mattie Matics Series

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What a great concept!  B. Hall 

The book (Mattie Matics Family Problems) brings the characters to life in a way that makes any child want to learn math.  ~ Twilah Anthony (Special Educator)

I love Mattie Matics (Family Problems) and my kids do too! I love books that combine fun with teaching, and this book does just that. We read the book as a bedtime story over two nights.  The kids were excited and engaged.  My oldest didn't want to stop reading it the first night.  I especially enjoyed the rhyming component and the teamwork/helping focus.  The story not only showed the importance of relationships between math operations but the importance of family relationships in general. This book is a winner if you want to reinforce what your kids are learning at school or if you just want to expose the child in your life to a great story! ~Asmeret Baker (parent)

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